E-Learning – A Helping Hand during Snow Days in USA

E-learning is the facility of getting education through digital medium. It doesn’t require you to go to a physical campus rather it allows you to study from any point where they have the internet accessibility over a digital medium.

In past days when the snowfall was on its peak and almost every educational institution was closed; E-Learning helped a big time in making students be on the correct pace of learning. Although a lot of students, have kept their books on side and bought up their video games console. Online learning is the best possible way to keep them on track. Image

In Ohio, a law got approved this year in regards to the online education system. They believe that providing student access to their classroom through virtual means is better than waiting for the weather to get nice and then resume learning.  They say that to meet the classroom requirement and stay on the correct flow of curriculum and to avoid keeping extra classes, online learning is the best possible option.

According a report shared by Education Week, this year when the winter was on its peak and the temperature was zero or even below, around 400,000 schools in Chicago were closed. And the students lost ten to fifteen days of school due to this extreme bad weather; not only this, around thousands of students stuck in one of the school in Atlanta for a night due to bad weather condition. In such a situation, online education is the most suitable option.

There are certain institutions these days that offer online courses in multiple fields like business, education, management, engineering, nursing etc. They even offer life experience degrees accredited by higher education board. Students these days go for online learning option for their higher studies to avoid creating a misbalance in their work schedule because through online mode they can study anywhere and anytime provided that they have an internet access.

The district has now created a community of online learning where they created a course management system that allows an instructor to create a blended learning option for students. Giving them a chance to select their mode of learning that is either online or traditional education mode.

This can be concluded that online education is the now gaining importance among students globally because most students are now working to earn their livelihood and are not able to attend regular classes. Further in situations like the extreme winter conditions that took place this year, online education is the convenient way to keep the momentum correct.

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